A new identity...


Your logo is the start of building a successful brand. It is the 'face' of your company.


It will end up being applied to anything and everything,  digital or printed; from stationery, to a catalogue and a website.


Many overlook it's importance, but we take the design of a corporate identity very seriously indeed!


We provide you with a variety of options for a new logo design based on how much that you are prepared to invest.

For a choice of 2 design concepts, our price is £180.00;

for a choice of 4 design concepts, our price is £225.00; and

for a choice of 6 design concepts, our price is £265.00


The selected design from the presented options will be provided as image files in colour and also in black and white/greyscale.





What you see, is what you pay. Not a penny more...

Fixed price graphic design, print & websites



If you believe that your text needs sharpening up, then our experienced copywriters are happy to oblige.

We charge: 
100 words£5.00
200 words£7.00
300 words£9.00
400 words£11.00
500 words£13.00
600 words£15.00
800 words£18.00
1000 words£20.00